Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Tired Today

I missed posting yesterday because a drama starter in my family decided to play head games last night. Okay so I am very tired today because I stress easy and it disrupts my sleep lol. Well I did quite well eating wise so here is my last 48 hrs of eating

B- 2 eggs over easy, 2 dry slices of toast
L- 2 hot dogs and a scoop of mac n cheese
D- about 4-5 oz of steak, steak sauce, beef rice, corn on the cob with a hint of margerine

B- 2 bowls Corn Chex, 2 % milk
L- mini pizza (single)
D- Baked chicken Breast, chicken rice
S- Weight Watchers Fudge Bar

I didnt have time for my walk although I did go to 2 stores and walked around, thats got to count for something right lol. :)

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