Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wrote an article

I wrote an article I want to share with all of you about my losing weight and getting ready for the up and coming New year.
To Be A Healthier Me For New Years

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  1. Great article Kimmie! I have been busy moving and making this house a home, so I haven't been checking in. Hopefully you are still in a good place.

    The one thing I wanted to bring up about your article is the idea of meetings. I personally have only ever been successful at weight loss when I attend Weight Watchers meetings. I know they are not for everyone due to the cost aspect, but they keep me honest. Something to consider though is that food is an addiction(just like alcohol or gambling can be for some). And unlike other addictions, it can't be given up, since we rely on it for survival. There are groups out there like OA (overeaters annonymous) that are free, and yet deal with the addictive aspects. The thing about it is once you have an addiction, you always have the addiction. If you let yourself slip, you will fall right back to the same have to modify your life forever. That's where a support group is beneficial. Good luck Kimmie, I wish you well in the new year!