Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wrote an article

I wrote an article I want to share with all of you about my losing weight and getting ready for the up and coming New year.
To Be A Healthier Me For New Years

Been a few days.

I have not felt so up to writing this past week. I am suffering from the Winter blahs. Its below 20 degrees here and i am feeling very closed in. I am not sure about this winter, its for the dogs I tell you. I am doing pretty good with cutting my food intake, but making all these holiday goodies are making me anxious to have the holidays be done with already. I know I need to learn self control, but why does food have to be so appealing on so many levels?

Weigh In: 259.9

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It gets better with time.

I am realizing that by slowly cutting back, the weight is going to come off slowly, I am okay with this. I am being asked why dont I try this, why dont I try that, well I just want to do it this way. I want to train myself to be healthier and have better eating habits. I know I am going to make mistakes, I am human, but this way I can move forward from them and still be okay. Since I am cooking for the holidays and its only us going to be here I am making it more healthy and I dont have to make as much food. Wit the weather getting really crappy out, and me not having the correct Winter gear I have not been walking. I need to get a move on that.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Small Steps

I lost 4 lbs

Weigh in: 262.2

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I need a new friend, I broke it off with food :)

I didn't do as well as I wanted today, I didn't do bad just not as well. I realize today that I need to get out more. I need to keep the promise to walk daily, if not for exercise, but also for my sanity. I am seeing more of a pattern since I quit smoking. I stress, I open the fridge, I'm mad, I open the fridge, I'm bored, I open the fridge. I need another friend besides food.

B-3 eggs scrambled, 2 slices of toast
L-2 slices of American cheese, no bread
D-I am proud of myself here. We went to McDonald's and I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and a bottle of water. I only used 1/2 the dressing, ate slow and was full before I finished. I didn't nibble on anyone else food, not even one fry. I walked out with a smile on my face :) A small accomplishment, but a good one.
S-handful baked lays cheddar

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Tired Today

I missed posting yesterday because a drama starter in my family decided to play head games last night. Okay so I am very tired today because I stress easy and it disrupts my sleep lol. Well I did quite well eating wise so here is my last 48 hrs of eating

B- 2 eggs over easy, 2 dry slices of toast
L- 2 hot dogs and a scoop of mac n cheese
D- about 4-5 oz of steak, steak sauce, beef rice, corn on the cob with a hint of margerine

B- 2 bowls Corn Chex, 2 % milk
L- mini pizza (single)
D- Baked chicken Breast, chicken rice
S- Weight Watchers Fudge Bar

I didnt have time for my walk although I did go to 2 stores and walked around, thats got to count for something right lol. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Im irritable today but feeling better, if that makes sense

I dont know what to do with myself and its making me irritable. I think I am doing okay though. I went for a walk this afternoon, just my daughter and me. It was nice mommy/daughter time also. I think I am doing pretty well. I am staying positive and even trying to make it a family thing. I will be doing a Unit Study on the Food Pyramid later this school year so this is a good start on explaining things first hand. My goal right now is 20lbs. I have no time goal just 20lbs at a time and Ill be very happy. I think if I set my goals too large they will seem out of reach.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My 24 hr Intake

B-L woke up late so had brunch 2 eggs over easy, 2 mini bagels w/ about a tbsp of cream cheese, 2% chocolate milk 6oz

D-Spaghetti, meat sauce, Italian sausage (2links, I splurged), 2 garlic sticks

6 8oz glasses of H2O and 3 6oz glasses of Diet Coke

The walk did not happen today :(

Eating to live, not living to eat!

Ugh I am tired today, didnt sleep well last night. I sat up and thought about food, I didnt eat any, but thought about it. Thought about how I had allowed food to dictate my life. I find myself scouring the cabinets and frige like a small child sneaking forbidden goodies. As a child my mom would say mean things to me about my weight, I know I was the largest in my family no matter how active I was. I always checked out fine at the Drs and to this day (knock on wood) I have no health problems. I woke up and had no energy to climb out of bed, didnt feed the kids until close to 10am. I feel like a horrid mother, I know I need to do better, I tell myself to do better, but I cannot force myself to. I know I am not teaching my kids the right way to do things by being fat and lazy. Today I am going for a good long walk, at my own pace, but I am going. I need to be out in the cold fresh air.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I ate for 24 hrs

B-2 bowls of corn chex, 2% milk


D-Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, butter bread (ate 1/2 of what was on my plate)

S-bowl of corn chex, 2% milk

Need to work on drinking water

I'm Fat

I have been overweight my whole life practically. i always tell people I am fat and happy, that is just not true. I never have the energy I should at 31 years old, I cannot physically chase my children around and run and play ball and everything else I so desperately want to do, because I am fat! I am at a point in my life that I really want to lose the weight. No fad diets, no shelling out cash to go to meetings, but taking charge of my life and making changes in the way I cook and the amount I eat. I am blogging about this to keep myself in check and to have my friends and family help me along my journey. I want to be held accountable for my actions and so I dont eat to compensate for anything else I will blog. Dont worry if I ramble or just have whimsical thoughts, its so I dont eat out of boredom.I am at the heaviest I have ever been.

Weigh In:266.4